February 2020

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Australians have been battered by bushfires, floods and severe storms all in a matter of months – but now there’s a new danger looming.

Australia’s disastrous ‘red zone’ threat

"Insurance companies call insuring property as “taking a risk” From my experience with insurance..."

November 2019

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A woman has been filmed as she lashed out at fellow shoppers, calling children “rats” and telling others she was “born here”.

WATCH: Woman’s ‘sick, racist’ shopping centre rant

"She may have a medical condition such as schizophrenia or she may be saying what a lot of people think."

May 2019

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Police investigating the truck rollover in the Coffs Harbour CBD overnight do not believe fatigue was a factor.

Truck driver had a rest break before CBD highway smash

"I have taken quite a few risks in my driving career and gone to sleep a few times but how the hell does..."

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DASHCAM footage of a truck reversing into a van in the middle of a busy intersection has sparked a furious debate over who is in the wrong.

WATCH: Crash between van and truck sparks debate

"The truck driver was definitely in the wrong. I don’t know why there is any debate on the subject. It..."

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Could there been a better use for the cargo that's been damaged in today's truck crash?

Truckload of lamb goes to landfill

"I would have taken a box"

March 2019

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CONTROLLED burning is now under way at Tarkeeth Forest near Bellingen as part of the logging of the timber plantation.

Forest burn ignites concerns among neighbours

"If the law hadn't changed about people removing forest waste there would be no need to burn off. If..."

January 2019

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DO YOU know where your local traffic cameras are?

REVEALED: Every fixed speed camera in north east NSW

"What about the speed camera on the highway at kororo "

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VIDEO with more than 1000 shares shows impatient tourist commit a rookie error on the infamous Grafton bridge.

Dashcam of close call on 'Bendy Bridge' goes viral

"The guy with the caravan may have been an idiot for overtaking the stopped vehicle but he certainly..."

December 2018

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SCHCOOLBOY Marco was described as “the hero we need right now” after he bravely took on a bunch of pollies in front of a live audience.

‘You don’t care’: Kid schooled politicians

"There is no law that will compel politicians to act on policy promises"

September 2018

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POLL: Should smartphones be restricted at NSW schools?

Smartphones could be banned from classrooms

"Why are any phones allowed in classrooms. Ban them all."

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