Z stays true to its roots

FOR a 20-year-old franchise, Dragon Ball Z has done well for itself. There have been dozens of games and the cartoon is still going strong, as legions of new fans, who weren't even born when the series first arrived on our screens, enjoy the exploits of Goku and co.

Battle of Z shows a reverence for this past, as the game features many fighters and environments from the series. All of this is parcelled up in a game that is fast, frenetic and for the most part fun.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z lets you explore the powers of more than 50 fighters. There are also superbly realised stages that fans of the animated series will recognise.

However all of these worthy ingredients don't disguise the fact this game is a tad basic when it comes to the intricacies of tactical combat. You can still button mash your way to victory, but you won't need to invoke the spirit of Goku to succeed.

It isn't all bad news. The cell-shaded characters are better animated than the cartoon originals and this combined with the stunning 3D environments makes for a game that comes alive with flashes of light and colour.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

Format: Xbox 360

Distributor: Namco / Bandai

RRP: $79.95

Rating: PG

Rating: 7/10

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