Lauren Grounsell.
Lauren Grounsell. Kristy Muir

SOAPBOX: There's nothing sexy about an angry, drunk slob

COMMENT BY LAUREN GROUNSELL: "YOU'RE a f***ing bitch, you know that? I was just trying to be nice," he said, the beer sloshing down the side of his glass.

His shirt was askew, eyes bloodshot and tone aggressive.

I was cornered between the bar and a drunken idiot, and all I had done was politely decline his offer to buy me a drink.

It made me wonder, do gentlemen still exist?

Before I get started I don't want you to think I'm asking for a man to open every door I walk through, hold my hand as I cross the road or give me a leg-up into my horse and carriage.

I can do that myself, thank you very much.

But I don't believe there's anything wrong with a man who tries to make a good first impression (and no, drunkenly offering to by me a bourbon at 1am doesn't count) or practise good manners.

And while I have met men who do, I have met my fair share of men who don't.

You only need to go out on a Saturday night to see groups of young men, fuelled by a carton or two and their own self-inflated egos, talk degradingly to women in their attempts to "pick up".

And while your male counterparts might think you're a hero, we women think you're pathetic.

Next time try a smile and use that ego for good.

In fact, let that ego take you to the florist, buy a bunch of roses and ask a girl out on a date.

Then let that ego carry out a meaningful conversation with your date over dinner, maybe even throw in a heartfelt compliment, before you ask her politely if she would like a drink (answer: yes).

You'll be a better man for it.

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