Young people are 'wasting our time': cafe owner

A SUNSHINE Coast café owner has taken aim at young people and how they are "just a waste of time" for the small business owners who employ them.

The café owner was responding to the new $750m Federal Government program Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire), which aims to help up to 120,000 job seekers under 25 years find employment.

They questioned why money would have to be spent on finding young people work "when it comes down to common-sense, accountability, integrity, commitment and really wanting to work".

"We own a café in Coolum area and find that 17-20 year olds are the worst.

"Other cafes in the area have the same problem.

"They accept the job then don't turn up.

"Or (they) accept the job (then) 'oops the other job I applied for is closer to home so I've accepted that' even though they already started working for us.

"Or 'really isn't my cup of tea'."

The café owner says they are sick of young employees texting that they can't make it into work because they're "sick, car broken down, can't get transport, and so on".

"Do they think the older generation of 50 plus are stupid or what?" they asked.

"These kids just don't want to work or listen but happy to open out their hand at end of week to get paid. "

The café owner believes "this generation doesn't want to commit or work".

"I get frustrated that nothing is said about these young people and how they put small business owners out and just waste our time," they said.

"We advertise, employ them, then they walk out or don't turn up."

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