You can't get fresher

Claire Smith, 4, cracks a fresh egg at Stepping Stones Child Care Centre yesterday.
Claire Smith, 4, cracks a fresh egg at Stepping Stones Child Care Centre yesterday. Jen Tybell

WHETHER people like their eggs fried, poached or scrambled, there is no doubt everyone likes them fresh.

Silver Dale Eggs manager Dan Carney said as a free range egg producer he would love to see more people keeping their own backyard chickens.

“The flavour, freshness and nutritional quality of a home-grown egg is far, far superior of any (shop bought) egg.”

For those who are too chicken to build from scratch, there are plenty of different options.

Mr Carney said having a mobile house, which people could move around their lawn, was a great option as the birds were always on fresh grass.

He said people could buy kits from local hardware stores.

“They typically have a small area with a floor and roof and walls, with the remainder of the area being just mesh and no floor so they can scratch the ground and eat grass (and) they typically house between two (and) six hens,” he said.

Mr Carney said the alternative was the static area. He said people could fit a lot more hens in the area.

“You will need to let the birds out, normally in the afternoon, so they can get some fresh grass and insects (as) grass and insects increase the omega three levels in the eggs,” he said.

Mr Carney said people should keep two or more as they were social animals. He said people could purchase layers from produce stores.

Mr Carney said in peak lay, hens laid an egg every 26 hours.

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