WWF: Where is the funding for the Great Barrier Reef?

THE Federal Government has invested about $10 billion to turn around the decline of the Murray Darling Basin and a campaigner has questioned why the reef hasn't received anything near this level.

"Surely the Great Barrier Reef deserves the same kind of attention and funding as what the Murray Darling Basin does," WWF reef campaigner Louise Matthiesson said.

To keep the reef off UNESCO World Heritage Committee's in-danger listing, Australia needs to implement strategies within the country's Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan.

And Ms Matthiesson said this would cost a large sum of money, which most people expected was primarily the responsibility of the Federal Government.

She said the government invested about $10 billion into the Murray Darling Basin.

This investment was part of water reform activities, including modernising irrigation infrastructure, buying back water entitlements and water recovery projects.

"We have seen nothing near that scale come forward from the Federal Government for the Great Barrier Reef," she said.

"We think it is that scale of funding package that will be needed and what UNESCO will be looking for."


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