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Writers festival is 'waste wise'

PATRONS at this year's Byron Bay Writers Festival will be served food on bamboo plates with bamboo knives and forks.

It's all part of plans to make the event as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Site manager Jacqui Vidal said they would have four types of bins at the festival this year.

“We'll have greywater bins, recycling bins, organic bins and normal waste bins,” she said.

“We have adopted sound purchasing and packaging policies, waste and recycling collection services and clean-up practices.

“All food will be served using 100 per cent recyclable bamboo plates and knifes and forks.

“Stallholders will only use organic soap to wash up.

“People from a farm at Ewingsdale are going to use the waste from the organic bins on their farm, so that's really good.

“The fruit and vegetable shop at the Suffolk Caravan Park will also collect some of the organic waste.”

All of the bins will be clearly marked with signs provided by the North East Waste Forum.

Ms Vidal said she hoped the signs would improve the festival's recycling rate.

“Our recycling rate last year was very high, but we still want to exceed that,” she said.

“Our target this year is 90 per cent, so we've introduced quite a lot of environmentally friendly initiatives. We think it's really important, especially in a place like Byron Bay.

“Recycling is as equally important to patrons and it is to us as organisers.

“If we didn't have recycling options in place, I'm sure that people would be asking us why.

“And the last thing we want to do is leave a mess.”

The Byron Bay Writers Festival will be held at Belongil Fields this year.

“We have spent quite a bit of time working out the best way to do things,” Ms Vidal said.

“We are committed to making the festival a 'waste wise' event.

The festival starts on Friday and continues until Sunday.

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