POLICE are this morning speaking to the Korean man who was rescued from the ledge of a high-rise apartment while the body of his partner lay in a pool of blood in a laneway below.

A tradie on his way to work made the grisly discovery yesterday about 6.30am outside the Leura building in Sydney's lower north shore suburb of Chatswood. Soon after, the visibly distressed man appeared on an awning below the 27th floor.

Police were unable to remove the woman's body or examine the scene while tense negotiations with the man continued for about 12 hours above them.

A Korean interpreter was called to the scene to assist police, who handed the man water and a cigarette as they tried to end the stand-off safely.

He stopped speaking to them about 3pm and police formed a plan to pull him from the awning. At about 7.20pm they managed to pull him inside, with the man appearing to surrender peacefully before being arrested.

No charges have yet been laid and police are trying to determine how the woman came to fall from the building. Her body could not be removed and police were unable to examine the scene as long as the man was still on the awning.

Late last night, Superintendent Phillip Flogel said the man was believed to be in a relationship with the woman.

"We believe that this may be a domestic violence related incident," he said. "We believe they were known to each other, that they were in a relationship for at least a few weeks ... but whether they were still living together is a matter for further investigation."

The man is believed to be a resident of the building.


Asked about the woman's injuries he said: "It would appear she has fallen from the unit block."

She and the man are both aged in their 30s.

Supt Flogel said officers managed to talk the man down before he was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital as a precaution where he remains under police guard.

Man rescued from rooftop after 12-hour stand-off

THE man who perched himself on an awning above a 27th-floor balcony was arrested following a 12-hour standoff with police and the discovery of a woman's body in the alleyway below.

NSW Police said police rescue and bomb disposal unit members arrested the man at 7:20pm on Monday evening - more than 12 hours after he was first seen by passers by.

He has been taken to Royal North Shore Hospital as a precaution, and remains there under police guard while an investigation is under way into the death of the woman found below.

Both the man and the woman are believed to be in their 30s, and police are investigating the likelihood that it's a domestic-violence related incident.

The unidentified male appeared on a balcony rooftop of the Leura building in Sydney's northern suburb of Chatswood on Monday morning around 6:30am.

It came after a tradesman on his way to work saw the body of a woman lying in an alley nearby with smears of blood on walls.

A man gives himself you to Police Rescue after sitting on a ledge of a unit block for most of the day on Victoria Ave, Chatswood after a woman's body was found below.Source:News Corp Australia
A man gives himself you to Police Rescue after sitting on a ledge of a unit block for most of the day on Victoria Ave, Chatswood after a woman's body was found below.Source:News Corp Australia

Luke Bladen Williams Hamilton said it was obvious the woman was dead "due to the harshness of the scene."

Police spent the entire day negotiating with the man through a Korean interpreter as he dangled above an awning over a communal gym area on the 27th floor of the building.

The woman's body remained in the alley covered by a blanket because the body could not be removed while the police operation continued.

The man was at times seated with his legs overhanging the awning and only occasionally stopped glancing at the ground many floors below.

At one point during the standoff he leaned his head right over the awning. A police spokeswoman at the scene confirmed officers believed they knew who the man was, but provided no other details.

Early on Monday afternoon, the man had taken off his shoes and placed them on the awning. He could be seen occasionally glancing anxiously back over his shoulder into the gym behind him, where a crime scene had been established.

It is believed the discovery of the woman's body is linked to the police incident involving the man on the balcony, who was watched by a large crowd during the day.

The man who discovered the woman's body told the Daily Telegraph he thought the woman was asleep when he found her.

"I went over to wake her up, but then realised she was not going to wake up," Luke Bladen Williams Hamilton said. "There was blood coming out of her face."

Mr Hamilton said he could tell within 15 seconds that the woman was dead.

"She was really cold," he said.

"There was blood smeared on the wall. So either she walked there and fell over and touched the walls, or somebody else had touched her."

A worker from the office building opposite the apartment said an email went around their floor advising that the blinds had been shut and not to open them.

Without the blinds office workers would have had a clear view of the tense scenes unfolding on the awning.

James Chen lives in a building near where the woman's body was found. He had spoken to a neighbour of the man who didn't hear anything unusual that morning.

Police have established a crime scene where the woman's body was found in Chatswood.Source:NewsLocal
Police have established a crime scene where the woman's body was found in Chatswood.Source:NewsLocal

A resident of the building told news.com.au no one could access level 23 or higher.

One woman told news.com.au police had stopped her leaving the building.

She said her young children were alarmed to hear about the death of the young woman.

After the passer-by contacted emergency services early on Monday morning, police and paramedics arrived on the scene.

It's understood the dead woman's injuries are consistent with a fall.

A NSW police spokeswoman said no other details were yet available other than a police operation was underway at the building.

The area is close to a number of apartment buildings and several businesses.

Police have not commented on reports the dead woman was the man's partner and could not confirm a link between the discovery of her body and the ongoing operation involving the man.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

News Corp Australia

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