GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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EVEN when he is on the other side of the country, Marlon Wayan's son can play with his dad.

Only the version of his dad he plays with is plastic.

“I am immortalised man; I'm a doll,” the renowned funny guy said.

“My son's at home playing with me right now. How cool.”

The star of the newest Hollywood blockbuster, G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra can't believe his luck that not only is there a doll made in his likeness, but he is actually playing a Joe, which is a real 'up yours' to the kids he played with when he was young.

“I was a big fan of G.I. Joe growing up. I used to always watch the cartoon but I couldn't afford the dolls. I had those plastic army men that don't move,” he said.

“They stay in one pose, so all my friends had G.I. Joe and my little army men would kick 'em in the throat.

“Now I am actually a doll, so I get to kick those army men in the throat.”

But being in G.I. Joe isn't all about having dolls made in your likeness and playing games.

Well, actually, it is.

“I had a blast doing the film so I would definitely continue to do it . . . I would keep running into burning buildings and hanging 12 storeys in the air and wearing those uncomfortable accelerator suit costumes,” Marlon said.

As uncomfortable as the costumes might be, they do provide one of the most exciting scenes in the $165 million budget movie, and it was by far the scene that was most fun for Marlon to film.

“I think the accelerator suit scene was just awesome,” he said.

“I think that 20-minute sequence just gets better and better and better, and I got the great night raven sequence in the airplane at the end chasing down those two missiles, so for me it's a dream role.”

Marlon's role as Ripchord is a role that fans of the clever comic are going to be surprised to see him in, because while he definitely has the funniest lines, it is far from a comedy role.

“I like my character, I get to be a hero with humour,” he said. “They let me have some freedom with improvising but I didn't let it get out of hand.

“I trusted what they wrote and tried to stick to the words but I couldn't help myself sometimes if I could think of a better joke or a funny situation.

“It's important for me to walk the line and be a hero with humour. If you go too far you aren't credible as a hero.

“I wanted to give just enough that you love the character Ripchord but when it's time for him to go out and kick some behind you are rooting for him.”

And it seems that the ladies are already loving Ripchord, especially his rippled physique.

“I want to keep the six-pack now. It does something to the ladies, man,” he said.

“When I was skinny, nobody wanted to see my chest, they just wanted to turn the lights off.

“Now they want the lights on. It's weird.”

But apart from being an unlikely sex symbol, Marlon has also become an unlikely fan of the genre of action flick and particularly of director Stephen Sommers.

“I think this is Stephen Sommers's best job ever done and I feel confident about the way this movie is gonna turn out.”

Marlon couldn't be more relieved that the film looks like it is going to be successful because the alternative was scary.

“If it wasn't any good, I was kind of scared for my life because the G.I. Joe, Trekkie kind of dudes, they aren't playing,” he said.

“I don't want to get beat to death with a G.I. Joe comic book.”

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