NEW GEAR: Mark and Toma show off their new Boardriders club shirts and hats in Surf Alley.
NEW GEAR: Mark and Toma show off their new Boardriders club shirts and hats in Surf Alley.

Willsy rides to support families living with autism

IT'S TIME to dig deep and help Boardriders competition manager Danny 'Willsy' Wills raise money for Brisbane to Byron 4 ASD Kids.

Set up in 2009 the charity supports families with children affected by autism and Willsy is raising the money for good friends Matt Rogers and his wife Chloe, who began raising money following the birth of their child who has autism.

Willsy has other friends similarly affected and said, "I just thought it would be a nice thing to do and I believe that we need to do more for others.”

The fundraiser will involve being a part of a 50 person crew that will cycle from Brisbane to Byron on Saturday May 13.

Byron Boardriders have jumped on board to help out with a $1000 donation. Every little bit helps so get on to the site and make a donation.

We have also read the rules Dan, and you can't use electric bikes or golf buggies, and you can't use a bike made after 1954. Enjoy the ride mate.

To donate and support go to: brisbanetobyron

Our new club merchandise has arrived and will be handed out at 4pm on Saturday April 8 at On Board Industries in the Industrial Estate.

Food and drinks will be available and any outstanding monies should be paid then in cash please. The next club round will be held on Sunday April 9.

There has also been talk lately regarding Surf Alley getting a makeover. Unfortunately there hasn't been much communication regarding plans for the alley especially with our club.

I understand the people organising this are passionate about what they are doing and have put in a lot of hard work, but as a club we would like to keep the surf/beach theme that represents a big part of Byron's history.

Our club has the names of two deceased members on that wall, Ben Donohoe and Ben King, both of whom died in tragic circumstances which makes this lane almost like a shrine for our club and we want to keep it.

It is also the most photographed lane way in Byron for tourists. We are asking for some consultation and or discussion to take place involving our club with the people undertaking the makeover before any changes are made.

ABC's Australian Story ran earlier this week with an episode about Tyler Wright and her family. A family overflowing with natural sporting ability. This has been evident from a very young age when they won everything they competed in and not just surfing.

Seeing Tyler win a World Title was no surprise, it was always going to happen. Her brother Owen is seemingly recovered from his brain trauma and surfing well.

The question now is can Owen win a World Title. He is one of the most naturally gifted surfers Australia has ever produced and with a new son, a loving partner and a second chance he never thought he would have it's game on.

- Byron Boardriders President, Neil Cameron

EDITORIAL: An idea even bigger than this headline

EDITORIAL: An idea even bigger than this headline

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EDITORIAL: Hashtag us back to the Stone Age

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Koala tree planting volunteers needed

Koala tree planting volunteers needed

Koala Tree Planting Day in Bangalow

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