Is hairdressing and barbering under threat?
Is hairdressing and barbering under threat?

Will hairdressing and barbering thrive or perish?

HAIRDRESSING and barbering were deemed essential during the coronavirus lockdown but where do they stand going forward?

Previously speaking to The Northern Star, Price Attack Lismore owner Jodie Hackett was worried about the next generation coming through.

"No job is without a challenge ‒ in hairdressing it is a lack of apprentices coming through skills pipeline that is most concerning," she said.

"Being a hairdresser is such a great skill and now as the owner hopefully a skill I can help pass onto the next generation of locals."

A closer inspection of data from the hairdressing industry shows Ms Hackett might be correct, as enrolments are not correlating to industry job growth in the same period.

Recent data from the Australian Industry and Skills Committee National Industry Insights Report showed program enrolments were 5000 lower in 2018 compared to 2015.

In that same time frame, program completions had also dropped off.

However, the same report showed that jobs in the industry had increased from 2017 to 2019, despite an IBISWorld report indicating industry job growth had declined 0.6 per cent since 2015.

From a barber context, local Lismore barber Andy Daniels, who owns Embassy Barbershop, said the job was hard work but rewarding.

"It's a really budding industry, it's in the early stages of a resurgence, I think in the long-term there's potential to make some good money," Mr Daniels said.

"From the outside it might not look like hard work, but it is.

"If you happen to end up in a busy barbershop, you're looking at doing an eight or nine hour day without much break and you're on your feet all day.

"But if you're happy to work hard, you can make some money."

Mr Daniels said people looking to break into the industry should look for the right environment to practice their skills.

"Most of the time (it is rewarding), this industry is pretty circumstantial if you can get yourself into a good shop where they're supportive and nurturing then it's going to be a great experience."

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