Wil Anderson sells out five 'no-shows'

HIT: Australian comedian Wil Anderson.
HIT: Australian comedian Wil Anderson. JAMES DEMITRI

COMEDIAN Wil Anderson has already sold out five shows in Brunswick Heads. Problem is that he has no show to present.

Work in Progress is a type of workshop, or a pre-show performance, where Anderson 'wil' try out a number of ideas to put together a final show he will tour nationally and internationally from March.

So, buckle up Brunswick Heads, as we are the guinea pigs of one of the best-known comedians of the country, and according to Anderson, things could get interesting on stage.

"This aren't trial shows, this is not me saying 'this is what I think I'll do'. These are 'work in progress shows, so what I'm trying to do is come up with something on stage that I would not be able to come up with if I was sitting at home in my desk in front of my computer," he said.

"I'll go into the first show with an outline of the story I want to tell but with no jokes, ideas or directions for where I will take those individual sidepoints."

Anderson did confirm he will be using a recent incident he was part of at an international airport.

"These shows, from my point of view, are most fun show that I do in the entire year," he said.

"These are the shows where I am listening to the ideas for the first time.

"These are the shows where I am discovering where the comedy is at exactly the same time as the audience.

"Eventually, I will have a show and it will be mostly the same from night to night in a tour, give and take five to ten per cent, the exact same show."

Anderson explained a Northern Rivers' audience is perfect for this type of performance.

"You don't want a bunch of people who are coming along to expect a polished product," he said.

"At this shows, you want people who want to see how the sausage is made.

"You need a place that has a community that responds to that as an idea, that may think that would be a fun thing to do, and up there seems like the perfect setting for it."

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