Danny Wicks.
Danny Wicks.

Wicks wanted 'lollies'

GRAFTON Ghosts rugby league star Danny Wicks’ alleged role in a drug supply operation was a key part of the evidence against his former girlfriend when she pleaded guilty to a drug charge in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday.

Emma Kate Frankham, 24, of Bishopsgate Street, Wickham, pleaded guilty to supplying Wicks with 30 ecstasy pills at 4am on September 13 at Mayfield, a newspaper report of the case revealed.

Transcripts of police recordings of phone conversations in the police facts included one to a Steven Stefanovski earlier on the same night, just hours after the Knights were knocked out of the competition.

It’s alleged when Stefanovski told Wicks he could not supply the drugs Wicks told him: “You’ve let me down, I’ve got 20 blokes waiting.”

Wicks then contacted Frankham at a party asking her for “lollies” to be delivered to Mayfield.

The newspaper report revealed Wicks then rang his mother, Sandra, and asked her to deposit money into his bank account.

It was alleged Wicks withdrew $600 and bought 30 tablets.

The facts indicated 30 minutes later Wicks contacted Frankham asking for more drugs.

When Frankham asked Wicks how many tablets he wanted, Wicks initially said “same as before”, before adding, “as many as you can”.

Frankham said she could not supply any more.

Wicks complained the tablets he bought from her were “duds” and he wanted to “flog” the person who supplied them to her.

Frankham will appear in Newcastle District Court on July 29 when a sentencing date will be set.

Wicks and his younger brother Brett and his partner Tristen Davenport were also mentioned in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday.

Danny Wicks will next appear in Newcastle Local Court on July 28.

Brett and Davenport’s next court appearance will be September 1.

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