Why we think our journalism is worth it

I'M NOT on Facebook and considering the amount of trolling and vitriol that goes on there, I'm pretty happy about that.

I am on Twitter, and like the brief nature of this format: short, sharp and to the point.

Following a breaking news story on Twitter is kind of fun.

The leadership spill which ousted Malcolm Turnbull was a case in point of Twitter having it first.

It's also good to watch Twitter trends and for hashtags that take off.

But if it all turns sour, I could just as easily give Twitter a miss as well.

The naysayers, hate speakers and nasty comments are really just too many and too ill informed.

I'm hardly going to take anything that's taken a nano-second for a keyboard warrior to say very seriously.

Which is why I don't have much time for the whingers who give this newspaper a hard time for charging for news.

As I keep pointing out, in columns, online and in person: The Northern Star has been charging for news for 143 years. It's our business model and we make no apology for that.

We are not a charity, and the journalists and photographers and advertising staff and admin people and delivery drivers don't work for free.

I wonder if the same gainfully employed people giving us a hard time for having the audacity for charging for news also give their labour away for free? I doubt it.

We don't expect to get something for nothing from the butcher, baker or candlestick maker, why should paying for local journalism be any different?

It's $1.90 for The Northern Star during the week, Saturday is $2.50 and, at the time of writing this our online deal is $1 a week for the first eight weeks.

So we don't charge MUCH for news but by doing so, we employ local people in our community.

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