Why they tried to ban this Byron beer ad

A BAREFOOT skater carrying a six pack of a Byron Bay beer in a TV advertisement has sparked a complaint to an alcohol advertising regulatory body as a viewer deemed it "unsafe".

A panel from the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code investigated the complaint about the Byron Bay Premium Lager ad, but what sparked the complaint?

The ad depicts a young, barefoot skater carrying a six pack of the glass-bottled beer, as well as people surfing and cycling.



The ABAC judgment said the person complaining about the ad objected to the marketing as the skateboard rider wasn't wearing any safety equipment, including shoes, and was carrying a glass six pack of beer which they said was "unsafe and sends the wrong message to young skaters who love their sport and practice it safely without beer".

Byron Bay Brewery makes the beer and is owned by Lion - Beer, Spirits & Wine Pty Ltd. The company said it took its obligations to "responsibly promote our products very seriously", and disputed the claims.

In defending the ad, Lion said "the advertisement promotes the spontaneity of the Byron lifestyle, and to go where the moment takes you" and did not encourage irresponsible behaviour related to the consumption of alcohol.

The Judgement said the complainant considered the ad to be highly irresponsible as it depicted skateboarding occurring in an unsafe manner.

However, the panel said the ABAC focuses solely upon the responsible portrayal of the use of alcohol as a product.

It said: "So, in this case, the complainant's principal concern is about a rider skateboarding while holding glass bottles and it is largely immaterial that the bottles contain alcohol as opposed to soft drink or any other beverage".

"This concern therefore is not related to the effects of the misuse of alcohol but to the safety issue of using a skateboard absent of wearing safety gear and while holding a glass bottle".

The panel said that determination was a matter for another panel, the Ad Standards

Community Panel to judge.

After investigating the claim, the panel found the ad did not imply an inappropriate use of alcohol and was not in breach of the ABAC standard.

The complaint was dismissed.

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