The 2014 MKR Top 4 finalists, from left, Bree and Jessica, Helena and Vikki, Paul and Blair and Kelly and Chloe.
The 2014 MKR Top 4 finalists, from left, Bree and Jessica, Helena and Vikki, Paul and Blair and Kelly and Chloe. Channel 7

Whose food rules? Paul and Blair set to battle Perth girls

PAUL and Blair are the last men standing on My Kitchen Rules and one step closer to the show's grand prize.

The surfer dads, who live on the southern end of the Gold Coast, were the first to cook in the show's tough ultimate instant restaurants round and the first to book a spot in the Top 4.

"It was a nice feeling and quite an unexpected one," Paul told APN.

"As soon as Chloe and Kelly came underneath us (on the leader board) we could just sit back and enjoy the last three."

Tasmanian "besties" Thalia and Bianca left the competition in tears on Wednesday after their disastrous ultimate instant restaurant earned them the lowest score of the five teams.

"They're two tough little cookies," Paul said.

"Their food knowledge and their whole attitude, you can't really call them ballsy, but there's a spunk about them. I don't doubt these two will do well for themselves. They're very resilient."

Thalia and Bianca's elimination means the rivalry between Greek twins Helena and Vikki and Perth "know it alls" Chloe and Kelly will continue into the semi-final rounds, which start tonight.

But it will be the surfer dads facing off against Chloe and Kelly in the kitchen, followed by a showdown between the twins and SA mums Bree and Jessica tomorrow night.

Paul and Blair will continue to steer clear of all the drama, though, and focus on their cooking.

"Right from the beginning we knew we were the least knowledgeable," Paul said.

"We felt we were not in the position where we knew was much as everyone else, so we worked our bums off. We researched recipes, tried recipes and put on weight (laughs)."

Blair added: "We ate more than we'd normally eat, but it was trying to explain to the wives that it wasn't through consuming beer."

Their research paid off during their ultimate instant restaurant, when the duo received a perfect score for one of their desserts. Sweets used to be their weak spot.

"What it does show is how much we learned to be able to pull off two of each (course) in the same time frame," Blair said.

"Three months earlier we were just scraping through to get one out."

But the pair does feel the pressure of being the only remaining males in the competition, and the only Queenslanders.

"There are hard expectations with Dan and Steph and Jake and Elle (making it to the grand final) last year," Blair said.

Their strategy is to keep things simple.

"Less is more, that's our strategy," Paul said.

"We knew early on we were in the semi-finals, so we were in an enviable position."

Blair added: "It gave us time to work on the next phase of the competition and make sure the next thing we deliver in Kitchen HQ will be up to standard and what we think will get us through."

The My Kitchen Rules finals air on Channel 7 tonight at 6.30pm and Monday and Tuesday (final) at 7.30pm

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