Which type do you find most annoying on social media?

WE ALL have one.

Most of us don't make it public. But many do.

I'm talking about gripes, particularly gripes about or on social media.

Some people don't like the fact many of the games send 'group' gifts or requests on Facebook.

Many wish there was a dislike button again on Facebook.

There's the fact you can't block someone on Instagram, only report spammers and have your account set to private.

There's the people that post "I'm about to do a friend cull" on Facebook. (Just get on with it already. People eventually find out they've been culled and get over it pretty quickly)

And there are those that post negative statuses and comments. (Oh, woe is me)

There are those that argue with everyone for the sake of having something to do. (H: You're wrong. S: No, you are wrong)

There are those that post what they are doing every hour. (11am: Ate banana. Noon: watch a pigeon on the window sill)

There are people who have grips with those who post gym updates (read more here).

And one social media user agrees with many others that he is the type of user that is most annoying.

Petros Khalesirad responded to a post on social media asking people what type of people they find most annoying on social media sites by simply saying "me".

Rockhampton businessman Petros Khalesirad
Rockhampton businessman Petros Khalesirad


Livvy Jane asked "Did Petros comment or are you saying, Petros's Facebook updates are annoying? I'd agree with the latter....."

Edward Oram said he agrees with Petros and that he findshis social media comments annoying.

Here are some of the things others say they find annoying:

Andrew Denman - Game requests is a good one. Or the constant updates that say things like, 'at the shops buying toilet paper'. Why make a spectacle out of it.

Vera Pianta - Haha go hard Delia Davis oh and I just LIKED ur comment bahaha

Steven Gibson - my boyfriend is this my boyfriend is that. nek week getting married
Delia Davis - the like for a like, like for a comment, like for a rate!! grrrr!!! how bout like for a punch in the head!! oh and way many selfies!!! I swear most people do themselves up JUST to go and take a pic in the bathroom mirror!!!

Lyn Deasy - Trolls

Susan Morrison- Wehmeier - Ones who post pics half naked, and at gym

Carly Stock - stay at home mums that feel the need to tell everyone how much they mopped the floor that day!

Jasmine Maree Strandquist - Boo hoo! Im sah </3!

/2 days later..

OHMAGAWSH! I'm like, totes crushing on this guy!

Twelvies, away with you!

Tammy Bolton - People who say f&*^ my life FML if your lives that bad change it . To me its an insult to friends and family

Steve Smith - The ignorant and the conceited.

Emmalene Baynton - woe is me attention seekers!!! no one cares and if they did they probably don't anymore! !

Liam Leaver - sluts who think they're princesses

Christoph Johann Leitner - Trolls....

Michael Leaver - the ones that post about thier gym sessions, and those pesky vegans hahaha, please don't kill me Anja Zemlicoff lol

Anja Zemlicoff - Consider yourself hidden from all my future posts. Lol.

Jason Price - Opinion polls, can not leave them alone

Kahla Drochmann - Those who have to have an opinion about everything. Particularly those who constantly post nasty and hateful comments when they disagree.
Sandi Brown - Me! Love Bitstripping !

Anja Zemlicoff - The people that make posts about how annoying everyone on Facebook is...

Cassandra Lennox - The constant attention seekers! I love my family, I hate my family, no one loves me everyone hates me, think I will go and eat some worms....

Joanna Palmer - The ones that send you game requests

Serena Gandy-Kase - The ones that make numerous posts, but rarely like others posts

Lori Nancarrow - People who can't go to the gym without telling everyone are pretty annoying but the most annoying are those who have statuses like "I'm sad" and then when people ask why, they say they don't want to talk about it or it's a secret. Well, don't put it on Facebook, attention seekers!

Jade Kennedy - The ones with new bubs that feel the need to update their status everytime their kid farts!

Chris Fletcher - The ones that spam ya wall with random bloody shoe ads

Jenna Hodgson - The sad, depressed and attention seeking ones!!!!

Kirsty Marie Fyfe - the soppy ones and the ones that always post what they are eating every time they eat

Kaye Dunglison - the ones who are always complaining about something

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