The new Leeds United badge
The new Leeds United badge Leeds United twitter

What were Leeds United thinking?

WELCOME to the club Leeds United of designing one of the most awful looking badges ever created.

For those that missed the news overnight the former top division champions in English football released a new badge that they hoped would last the next 100 years.

'Six months of research, 10,000 people consulted, ready for the next 100 years' was the slogan used for the announcement.

Whoever signed off on it, really needs to rethink how it ever got to a finished product.

It's dull, boring and absolutely lifeless.

The current Leeds United logo
The current Leeds United logo Leeds United twitter

If that was the badge redesign of my English club, Southend United, it would seriously make me reconsider supporting the club.

I'm sure plenty of Leeds United fans are doing the same as the badge should be something that resembles and makes the club what it is.

Unfortunately, this badge adds to the sad plight the club has been put through in the past two decades.

The club used to be among the top four in the country, marching its way to the UEFA Champions League semi-final in 2001 on the back of the heroics of Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell and Rio Ferdinand.

What followed after that was nothing short of disastrous as the club hit financial trouble.

The club suffered multiple relegations and spent three seasons in the third division before the club finally got back to the Championship.

Now the club for the first time in years are a genuine chance of playing in the Premier League again.

Then the fans get delivered this, a crest with a player pumping his chest and the name of the club at the top.

It looks like something a primary school student would create, no disrespect, with about 15 minutes of spare time on a computer.

It lacks any thought, has nothing on the club's history - apart from the white of the club - and just doesn't look good.

Leeds United is famous for featuring the White Rose of York on its badge, which pays tribute to where the club is from - Yorkshire.

No where does the new crest have that.

It would be like taking away the storm from Melbourne, the rabbit from the South Sydney or the bronco from Brisbane, you would never do it.

It also looks like a video game design, the Pro Evolution Soccer 2 game immediately comes to mind.

The front cover for Pro Evolution Soccer 2, made by company Konami.
The front cover for Pro Evolution Soccer 2, made by company Konami. Contributed

I understand the need for clubs to change their crest.

A lot do it to get with the times of computer technology.

It makes it easier for printers to put the badges on jerseys or memorabilia as well.

Others, like the Adelaide Crows and the Brisbane Lions in previous years, did it to appeal to the kids and the younger generation.

They found the crow and the lion scared kids so they made the change to make kids embrace it and follow the club.

The AFL clubs did the research, found it hit the right areas they needed to improve the brand, so they made the change.

The same can't be said for Leeds.

In hours there was a petition signed by more than 50,000 people demanding change.

Even the member for East Leeds in English parliament wrote a letter to the club to demand change.

Thankfully, the club listened with Leeds planning to scrap the project and start again.

Let's hope this time they listen to the fans and create something everyone can be proud of.

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