What mining is worth to us

MINING uses only 0.09% of Queensland's land mass but during the 2011-2012 financial year delivered $35 million in gross regional product and 275 full-time equivalent jobs to the Southern Downs.

Queensland Resources Council Economics and Infrastructure director David Rynne said the Southern Downs, like many other local government areas, received direct and indirect economic contributions from the resources sector.

"There are almost 100 workers that fly-in-fly-out or drive-in-drive-out to a mining site somewhere," Mr Rynne said.

"Those workers are spending their wage in the area they live and that is supporting and creating jobs.

"Then there are businesses that have tapped into the supply chain and are supplying directly to the mining companies.

"This essentially means we have a business effect and consumption effect."

Mr Rynne said examples of indirect benefits included money raised from mining and incomes taxes that was spent locally by state and federal governments on projects such as roads or education.

"You do not have to be near a mine to get a slice of its economic contribution - the benefits are spread all over the state," he said.

Southern Downs Regional Council Economic Development Unit spokeswoman said mining was an important contributor to the Southern Downs region.

"It has the potential for additional employment and supply chain opportunities as the industry continues to expand in the Surat Basin," she said.

"The EDU continues to support local companies to pursue these opportunities and to promote the Southern Downs as a great lifestyle choice for the FIFO/DIDO workforce.

"Whilst mining is currently conducted on a limited scale in the region there is no reason that the benefits associated with rapid mining expansion in the Surat Basin cannot be shared by local businesses and residents.

"In addition the EDU continues to identify opportunities for investment and expansion across industry sectors, through growth and value adding opportunities and to support initiatives to meet business needs."

Businesses wishing to discuss potential opportunities should phone the EDU on 4661 7332.

Visit queenslandeconomy.com.au to find out more about the Queensland resources sector.

If you are a FIFO/DIDO worker or your business feeds the resources sector supply chain let us know by emailing edit@warwickdailynews.com.au or phoning 4660 1318.



Queensland Resources Sector 2011-2012:

  •  Delivers 1 in every 4 dollars of the state's economy through spending.
  •  Supports 1 in every 5 Queensland jobs.
  •  Delivers these benefits by using just 0.09% of the state's land mass.

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