International Kissing Day is on July 6.
International Kissing Day is on July 6. Vladimir Nikulin

What does your kissing style mean?

Facial reading expert Janine Hall has been interpreting lips for 15 years and knows a thing or two about the connections made through different kissing styles.

Ms Hall is writing a book purely about lips and has explained to the Daily the emotions behind some of the most popular kisses going around in the lead up to International Kissing Day on July 6.

Although there were 10 common kisses, Ms Hall said the top three were the friendship kiss, the forehead kiss and the French kiss.

She has also thrown in three more of her favourites.

The Friendship kiss: Or the greeting hello kiss. Generally, on either side of your face and rarely on your lips.

The touching of the cheeks pays reference to trust and self worth and this style of kissing is generally found to be an appropriate way to great people you are familiar with but not intimate with.

It’s about you wanting them to trust and like you. However, you won’t give a stranger a kiss like this the first time you meet them.

The Forehead kiss: This represents a deep connection and fondness with who you are.

Gentle, kind and loving. You have a more intimate connection with this person.

Often it’s a sign of inner wisdom and healing.

The forehead kiss is a common way to kiss your children as they grow up and also your partner.

It’s very unlikely that you would kiss a stranger or an acquaintance on the head, especially at a business/networking meeting.

The French kiss: This is an intimate event shared between two people who have loving and deep affectionate feelings towards each other.

It’s the most intimate way to express your feelings to someone you care about. The lips are connected to every chakra point particularly the heart chakra.

The Grandmother kiss: Grandmothers can get away with absolutely anything.

She’ll come in and just grab you in a big hug, look you straight on and gives you a kiss on each side of your cheeks.

Sometimes, she might even grab your face while she’s doing it.

There are no rules for getting out of a grandmother kiss and you will have to accept it whether you are two, 22 or 52.

The Air kiss: This is a Beverly Hills Housewives-type kiss. They will make the noise, but there is no connection.

What this is saying is that they really want the other person to like me, but they are setting boundaries so they don’t get too close.

They might choose to have a proper friendship kiss in a less public setting, but the air kiss is all about image and the way in which they want to be perceived.

The Eye kiss: This is really gentle, kind and tender. You have a more intimate relationship with that person and it is usually used for husbands or lovers.

You can also use this on a child such as kissing their eyes if they are feeling hurt or tired.

It shows an intimate connection with them. You really adore that person.

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