NATIONAL Parks and Wildlife Service is on the look out for a whale in distress heading up the coastline.

The humpback whale, tracking north on its annual migration, was spotted on Sunday off the coast of Port Macquarie with fishing line tangled around its tail.

It was believed yesterday it could be off our coast, however, further sightings had not been reported.

“We did send a crew out on Sunday but the conditions were not favourable and they wouldn’t have been able to be much assistance to the whale,” a NPWS spokesperson said.

Crews were sent out again Monday morning but as bad weather swept the coast, rescue efforts were conceded as almost futile.

Depending on the severity of the entanglement, there are a number of ways lines can be freed including a ‘kegging’ technique that sees large buoys attached to the animal to tire it out and slow it down while the line is cut free with knives attached to poles.

“We had reports (on Monday) to be on the look out but with the conditions not that good, there isn’t really much we could do,” said the NPWS spokes- person.

“This is unfortunately one of the side effects of the whale migration – that the animals sometimes get caught up in debris in the ocean.

“Certainly, if someone sees the whale, or any animal tangled in debris for that matter, to contact National Parks and Wildlife.”

Any sightings should be reported to the NPWS on 6652 0900.

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