Dawn Cohen.
Dawn Cohen. Jay Cronan

Weight loss champions wanted

IF YOU have won the weight war, Bangalow psychologist Dawn Cohen wants to hear about it.

Ms Cohen has launched a research program as part of a postgraduate thesis focusing on those who have lost weight and managed to keep it off, even if the weight loss has been small.

“Just a 10 per cent weight loss reaps great health benefits, even if you are still overweight,” she said. “The real winners are those maintaining weight, whatever your size, which makes you much happier than the rollercoaster of losing it and then putting it back on.”

Already, overseas research has shed some light on the path to weight loss and management.

“US research shows that successful weight maintainers monitor their food intake on a daily basis, and eat balanced diets, including breakfast,” she said.

“But they eat less than everyone else and do more exercise, weigh themselves regularly and usually don't take 'holidays' from their regime.”

As part of her research program, Ms Cohen is interviewing women from the Northern Rivers on a confidential basis to see what their tactics are.

“They have achieved something many others long for, and their help may ease the road for other overweight people suffering from an inability to maintain weight loss,” she said.

To share your secrets of your weight management success, contact Ms Cohen at weightmaintenance@gmail.com, or on 0403953221.

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