WARM UP SESSION: Yerin Brown warming up for the Straddie Assault. Photo courtesy: Maddog.
WARM UP SESSION: Yerin Brown warming up for the Straddie Assault. Photo courtesy: Maddog. unknown

Wave Rave with Gaz: Agreeing to disagree over sharks

LAST weekend saw the massive surf event, the 33rd Straddie Assault, go off.

Snapper Rocks Boardriders won again with the Byron Bay Boardriders coming in equal third.

Although the surf was super small the waves were contestable with Soli Bailey and Yerin Brown both having heat wins.

Stu Cambell and Masa each took second places for Team BBB.

Thanks again to Point Lookout Boardriders Club for hosting this epic event on the island.

The WSL staged their tenth event in Portugal during this week at the Meo Rip Curl Pro with some sweet waves there.

The next event up is Pipeline in Hawaii, the biggest event on the calendar and a fitting end to the season.

Pipeline starts on December 8 with the Prime Triple Crown events starting on October 27 with the HIC Pro.

On the topic of sharks, there has been plenty of debate and some personal attacks on people for having an opinion regarding sharks/nets/drumlines and the like.

This is one issue where it is important for all parties to agree to disagree.

In the meantime, check out a much bigger netting issue and take a look at the super trawlers fishing off our Australian coast. Go to: www.animalsaustralia.org /features/super-scary-super -trawlers.php

These super trawlers represent the real damage being done by nets in the ocean. How many of you are protesting against these super trawlers?

I am not saying that nets are the answer to our local shark problems but maybe drumlines like the ones used at North Stradbroke Island could be a solution. They have not had an attack up there for a very long time.

The NSW DPI are already using drumlines off Ballina to catch and tag shark species. These drumlines are equipped with the new Pinger system to send an alert when something is caught.

Using a similar system to protect our beaches could also create more local jobs with a professional team employed to check the nets and drum lines a few times a day.

With Pingers in place and a team checking for any animals caught, then maybe a few nets to protect surfers would not be too bad after all.

Finally, think about getting your St Johns Senior First Aid Certificate so you could deal with any shark- related or other injury should it happen near you.

Happy Days & Catch you in the Waves. Gaz. stylesurf@bigpond.com

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