Wave Rave: Mono takes the Duke's win

MARK "Mono” Stewart has done The Bay proud again with his awesome effort winning over in Hawaii at the Dukes OceanFest.

This week we see Soli Bailey surfing in the men's QS 6000 Playa Pantin, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain and next week we see the women's CT at Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California.

As I write this Jordy Smith is wearing the leaders' yellow jersey at the men's WCT event that will hopefully get some great waves later in the week.

I know most of the crew in the shire will be cheering for both Wilko and Stuey to make the finals.

Locally, the last day of winter is here today and we see spring in The Bay on Friday. The weather has still been frosty at night but a few days have been feeling like summer already with perfect sunny skies and some warmer water.

We have seen a pulse of swell during the past few days and hope everyone scored some surf somewhere in the shire.

The Bay has had its share of waves at the usual spots and not too many crowds either. The open beaches copped a lot of motion in the ocean with the solid south swell rolling up the coast and hopefully didn't smash the sandbanks too hard.

This weekend there will be more north winds coming into play, so a great time for kites and wind surfers to get out there for some action.

Happy Days and catch you in the waves. Gaz


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