EYE IN THE SKY: View of last weekends Byron Bay Boardriders event as seen from the safety drone.
EYE IN THE SKY: View of last weekends Byron Bay Boardriders event as seen from the safety drone.

Wave Rave: Get ready for golf ball drop

Hi Mates,

A week of windy waves out there again which is normal this time of year with plenty of strong northerly winds and southerly swells coming in.

There have been a couple of mornings where we see the off-shore winds before the northerly comes back in and smash the surf.

Hawaii has already started with the last few surfing comps there to end the season.

Mason Ho the son of the great Hawaiian surfer Michael Ho, won the HIC Pro at Sunset with the next event being the Hawaiian Pro at Alii Beach Oahu, then we have the Vans World Cup again at Sunset Beach before the final event of the year being at North Shores' Pipeline.

Locally, BBB had their club round last weekend for the Juniors which had small but clean waves at the wreck.

We also had the introduction of a drone for surveillance during the comp.

Results were as follows:

Under 16s: 1. Hunter, 2. Ned, 3. Jack B, 4. Dom.

Under 14s: 1. Touma, 2. Sam, 3. Miles, 4. Masa.

Fleas: 1. Marki, 2. Mac, 3. Will, 4. Cinta, 5. Josh, 6. Manny.

Seniors will be held this weekend.

Byron Bay Malibu Club will hold their club round on Sunday at Wategos.

Old Mals need to be in the water at 7:30 am and please register for other rounds before 8am so we can make up the draw.

There is also a massive locals event coming up on December 4 at the Red Devils Footy Field.

Byron Bay Rotary are dropping 1500 Golf Balls from a helicopter with a chance of winning $5000 for the nearest the pin.

Tickets are available locally as well as online by going to the Byron Bay Rotary Facebookpage.

You must buy your tickets before the day at: http://bitly.com/Helicopter GolfBallDrop

Local band El Scorcho will be playing, food and refreshments will be available and the day kicks off at 12 noon.

All proceeds go to the Byron Bay Primary and High Schools as well as Rotary who will distribute funds to Byron Shire Charities.

Go The Bay. Happy Days and Catch you in the Waves. Gaz. stylesurf@bigpond.com

Federal Landcare group established

Federal Landcare group established

Federal landcare warriors unite

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