A QUICK check under the car bonnet has saved a carpet python from a horrible death and a woman from the fright of her life. 

Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Richie Gilbert was called to a Mooloolah home after a woman lifted the bonnet of her boyfriend's car and found a big carpet python coiled up inside. 

Mr Gilbert was straight on the case, carefully untangling the snake from the engine. 

He said the occurence was not uncommon when snakes are looking for warm and a dark palce to hide.

The experienced snake handler has called on all motorists to check under the bonnet before taking off. 

"Imagine how many car owners head off to work in the morning with a sneaky snake under the hood and don't even realise?" Mr Gilbert wrote on his Facebook page.

"Maybe we should make it mandatory to check under the hood before we drive our cars here in Queensland.

"Here in Queensland checking your cars engine bay for the VIN number isn't as straight forward as you'd think.

"Follow these simple steps and you'll be sweet, lol," he said cheekily.

1. Lift the hood
2. Scream
3. Drop the hood back down 
4. Run to your phone and call a snake catcher 
5. Get him (or her) to remove the snake
6. Get the snake catcher to read the VIN out to you as you won't be going in the engine bay again anytime soon. 


This 1.5m python decided to share the master bedroom with the owner. We don't know how long the snake had been in the room but it was a morning callout so I guess she slept in the room not knowing the snake was in there the whole time. I suppose that's most people's nightmare but given Carpet Pythons are harmless she never had anything to worry about. Also I thought I'd rub it into my friends that follow me from down south just how good it is up here in winter. Love it!This video is from 3-4 weeks back which was pre growing the beard so don't freak out I still have it. I know how much you all love it. Lol. Richie.

Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Monday, 22 June 2015


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