A RED alert has been issued to Byron Shire residents after a blue-green algae bloom was found in the Baywood Chase Lake at Suffolk Park.

North Coast Regional Algal Coordinating Committee chair David Basso said under a red alert people and pets should avoid all contact with water in the lake.

Mr Basso said warning signs had been placed around the lake advising residents of the danger.

"Sampling by council has continued to detect high levels of blue-green algae in the lake and accordingly, we advise the community in Suffolk Park to avoid contact with the affected water," he said.

"Residents and visitors should avoid all contact with the algal bloom, especially where surface scum is visible or where blue-green algae are suspected."

People can develop skin rashes, asthma, ear and eye irritations if they come in contact with the water and diarrhoea if the water is ingested.

If any contact with the skin or eyes occurs, wash the affected area with clean water.

Animals can become very sick or die from drinking blue-green algae affected water.

Dogs can ingest the algae if they lick their coats after being in the water.

Boiling the water cannot remove the algal toxins.

Byron Shire Council will continue to monitor the bloom and advise people when conditions change.

For more information visit water.nsw.gov.au.

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