A VIETNAM veteran says he is sick of "clowns playing toy soldiers" as a second fake digger was fined $750 for pretending to be a returned soldier during last year's Anzac Day parade in Brisbane.

Vietnam veteran Richard Yielding said he hoped twin brothers George Edward Carr and John Anthony Hines, both 69, would now stay away from the marches reserved for those who actually served military time.

"I'm not here to represent myself I'm here to represent the 520-odd fellas that didn't come home," he said outside Brisbane Magistrates Court.

"Those fellas will never get a chance to wear their medals or march on Anzac Day.

"I'm sick to death of these clowns playing toy soldiers and trying to impersonate service men and women when they've never been there.

"These two weren't even subtle. These two were dressed up like Christmas trees and I believe they were wearing something like 76 decorations between them that they weren't entitled to and wearing home-made uniforms.

"They really were over the top and I think that's the reason they got sprung."

Magistrate John McGrath found Carr guilty on Thursday of falsely representing a returned soldier and improperly using service decorations.

He said he took into account Carr had spent time in custody for other offences that could not be declared.
"Your actions on this day offended a number of people," he said.

"You disrespected those who are returned soldiers, those who marched for themselves ... you disrespected their families. You disrespected the memories of those who were unable to participate.

"Whether you intended to do so or not is only of marginal significance.

"Your motivation is not known. Even you may not know why you did it."

Carr had joined the Citizen Military Force in November, 1963.

His lawyers had argued that just because military records of his exploits did not exist "doesn't mean it didn't happen".

Carr's brother John Anthony Hines had earlier been fined $500 and ordered to complete 12 months probation after a separate trial.

Police found a large amount of military paraphernalia after searching the brother's homes in Brisbane's south.

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