Want a sausage with your election? There's a map for that

THOSE looking for a quick bite while they are casting their vote in the federal election now have an online friend to tell them where to go.

The www.electionsausagesizzle.com.au website has created an online map for those who want to grab a snack and contribute to local causes before or after they vote.

While about 70,000 polling officials will man more than 7700 polling stations around the country on Saturday, thousands of volunteers will also be on hand to help feed hungry voters.

So far, more than 370 stalls have registered on the election sausage sizzle website in New South Wales, with 291 in Victoria and 176 fundraisers in Queensland.

Unlisted sausage sizzles can also be added at the site.

Every Australian will be able to head to the thousands of polling booths around the country from 8am Saturday morning, with voting closing at 6pm.

Australian Electoral Commissioner Ed Killestyn said officials would be handling more than one million votes every hour while polls were open.

"When you receive your ballot papers the polling official will remind you how to vote correctly," he said.

"How-to-vote instructions are listed at the top of each ballot paper as well as on signs located throughout each polling place.

"If you make a mistake, simply ask a polling official for a replacement ballot paper and start again."

But for those with families or just looking for a snack, there will be sausage sizzles, cakes stalls and other community fundraisers at more than 1000 polling places around the country.

The 2013 Federal Election has thus far been a record-breaking one, with more than 1.4 million people voting early and 1.3 million having already put their postal votes in, of a record 14.7 million voters registered.

Figures from the AEC also confirm a record number of candidates, with 1717 nominations over numerous independents and 54 different political parties.

Voters who will be voting in their own electorate can attend any local polling place, while those interstate will have to go to an interstate voting centre or AEC divisional office.

People who want to find their local polling place can go online at www.aec.gov.au/where to find their closest booth.

For any other information on how or where to vote, go to www.aec.gov.au or call 13 23 26.

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