Lorna Jane
Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane ad row: Media blocked from covering function

MEDIA have been stopped from entering a function to promote fitness queen Lorna Jane Clarkson's new book following outrage over her company's recruitment policy.

AAP reported that a group of media were on Wednesday morning told they would not be allowed to enter the "private event" when they arrived at the breakfast in Brisbane to promote Ms Clarkson's new book, Inspired.

The development comes following a backlash against the exercise clothing brand on social media on Tuesday.

 Lorna Jane put out a job ad for a receptionist/fit model.

The job advertisement called for someone to work a week split between receptionist duties and assisting the design team with fittings for garments. 

In order to do this job you needed four things: a certain bust, waist, hip size and height. 

As Crikey points out, the ad assumes that only women will apply for what is essentially an administration job, let alone women of a certain size. 

The job ad has since been taken down from Seek.

A spokesperson from Lorna Jane told Crikey that was because they had already had such a large number of applicants. 

The spokesperson also said it made sense to combine the two roles.

"As a fit model is only required in a part time capacity, Lorna Jane felt it appropriate to combine this position with the part time receptionist role which is also currently vacant. This combination will be hugely beneficial for the brand allowing the successful applicant to liaise directly with customers on a day-to-day basis, receive their feedback and allow Lorna Jane to deliver an even better product to benefit our customers and their active lifestyles. There are a number of positions within our business that combine roles to accommodate the needs and interests of our staff."

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