Volunteer work and study saves man from prison

VOLUNTEER work and study saved a former Yamba man from a stint behind bars for biting a police officer.

The Brisbane District Court heard it was not the first time Anton Leigh James Grobben attacked an officer, with his contempt for authority dating from his teens.

When Grobben was 15 he threw glass at an officer's legs, and a folder on another occasion.

Grobben, now 20, also spat at staff who tried to remove him from a shopping centre.

"That pattern of disregard for other people and violence towards people in authority came into full relief on the 20th of September last year when you committed these offences," Judge Brian Devereaux  said.

When police arrived to issue a nuisance direction at the Brisbane caravan park Grobben was living at with his father, he became violent and abusive.

On Friday he pleaded guilty to attacking three officers, kicking two several times and biting another.

The officer who was bitten underwent six months of medical testing to ensure he had not contracted any diseases from Grobben.

A written statement from the officer revealed it was a trying time for him and his family.

"It eventually led him and his wife to a discussion about if he should even stay in the same kind of role any more," Judge Devereaux said.

The judge condemned Grobben's "appalling" behaviour, but was impressed by the changes he had made in his life.

Grobben is now studying a business diploma and is a volunteer at the Wesley Mission community meal service.

Judge Devereaux said sending Grobben, as a young person, to prison for a short period of time could be damaging.

He sentenced Grobben to a 12-month intensive correction order in the community, rather than prison.

As part of the strict conditions, Grobben must receive psychiatric treatment, stay in Queensland, notify police if he moves and receive regular visits from corrections officers.


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