Michelle is public enemy number one after dumping Jesse.
Michelle is public enemy number one after dumping Jesse. Channel 9

Viewers slam ‘cruel, shameless’ Michelle

WHEN a couple breaks up, we're often forced to take sides.

And after last night's episode of Married at First Sight, Australia has clearly sided with Jesse.

Viewers took to social media to slam Michelle and accused her of stringing Jesse along for weeks in a desperate attempt to extend her 15 minutes of fame.

But Jesse says that wasn't the case.

Appearing on Today this morning, Jesse said, "I know that was not her intention".

"We both were going through the same feelings," he said.

Jesse also said that he's since formed "a really good friendship" with Michelle and denied that he was ever in love with her.

But he had no idea what to say when Richard Wilkins asked him, "Now the cameras have stopped rolling, you wouldn't go back for another crack, would you?"

"Another crack?" a shocked Karl Stefanovic said, "It's not the 80s buddy!"

Ever the gentleman, Jesse simply said, "I think we're better off as mates".

Jesse may have handled the breakup well, but most viewers did not.

Many vented on social media about Michelle's treatment of Jesse, labelling her "shameless" and "cruel":

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