A MAN has been caught on video seemingly poisoning hundreds of butterflies in a tree at Hatton Vale, Lockyer Valley.

The incident was recorded at Zischke Rd and uploaded to social media today by Melinda Schulte, quickly going viral.

In the video a man is seen spraying a substance at hundreds of butterflies. 

Ms Schulte said the man was poisoning the butterflies in response to cars pulling over and taking photos of the phenomenon, causing his dog to start barking.

A man is seen seemingly poisoning butterflies in Hatton Vale.
A man is seen seemingly poisoning butterflies in Hatton Vale.

The poisoning was called a "monstrous act of environmental vandalism."

"What a selfish a*****ole to not be able to appreciate the beauty and only focus on his own inconvenience. I'm so glad my children and I were lucky enough to see the tree yesterday," one person commented.

Others called for the man to be fined.

Another said the tree was the work of "Mother Nature at its best!"

Ms Schulte told The Chronicle that a boom in butterfly numbers was taking place across the Lockyer Valley and Brisbane, which she said happened about once every few years.

She didn't expect her Facebook post on the poisoning to go viral.

"My husband sent me a shot on his way to work and I thought it would make a beautiful video.

"To find someone being so disrespectful to our environment ticked me off so I asked him to stop.

"I thought by seeing me filming he would back off but he didn't.

"It's amazing to see the response to this from the community.

"People have such an awareness out here if the roles that are played by our native flora and fauna being an important farming community."

The Chronicle has not been able to reach Lockyer Valley Regional Council for comment.

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