VIDEO: House Rules' boys sing 'We Are The Champions'

AFTER making House Rules history, Dalby twins Luke and Cody Cook enjoyed a big night with family and friends, complete with a karaoke rendition of 'We Are The Champions'.

Following the emotional announcement of their House Rules win, the boys celebrated into the wee hours of the morning with family and friends at Dalby's Criterion Hotel.

Proud mum Judy told Hot FM she had not joined in on that particular performance.

"There was a fair bit of karaoke getting done, it was very good" she said.

"It's just wonderful how the town has got behind them; the whole of Australia has got behind them. It's very surreal to us."

The 24-year-old twins were up against their Mornington Peninsula mates Claire Lintzeris and Hagan Rice in the grand final.

The two teams are already arranging a reunion, with Luke and Cody planning to host the young couple in Dalby.