A still from the video posted by Animal Activists Queensland.
A still from the video posted by Animal Activists Queensland. Contributed

Animal activists wage war on BaconFest

ON THE eve of Kingaroy's first ever BaconFest, activists are taking to social media to ask why we're celebrating at all.

People are taking to Facebook pages, including the official BaconFest page and The South Burnett Times' page, to voice their opposition to the festival and link to videos about the pork industry.

On a post about Kevin Bacon being interviewed on a South Burnett radio show, Lisa Jane posted a link to a video on Animal Activists Queensland's Facebook page, claiming to show what BaconFest is "really celebrating".

The video, set to a heavy rock soundtrack, shows footage of pigs in stalls as well as an inside look at abattoir processes.

It's not just the Times page being targeted.

BaconFest's own page has been inundated with negative reviews, posts and comments ripping into the festival.

According to Braids Lee, "pigs are highly intelligent animals, and yet we disregard all of their attributes for the sake of money and industry."

"Every moment of the suffering they endure as apart of becoming a product is completely inhumane, unethical and unnecessary. No one needs to eat these clever individuals to survive."

Jodie Mottrom says, "how on earth can recommend (sic) the slaughter of innocent animals in a positive light?? You do realize bacon is a class 1 carcinogen??"

Chris Riley has another suggestion for a festival, saying "the death of these intelligent little creatures shouldn't be celebrated with a festival. Stick with peanuts!"

A spokesperson for Animal Activists Queensland said they were  "saddened, horrified and appalled" when they heard about the festival.

"The picture painted for the public couldn't be further from the truth," they said.

"We would like people to make the connection between what they've seen in the video and what they see on the supermarket shelves and be aware that these are products of unconscionable and unnecessary suffering."

The spokesperson said the social media posts were not a campaign organised by the group, but rather the efforts of concerned individuals.

They said South Burnett residents had reached out to say they would not be attending BaconFest, but the group did not have members in the region.

The online campaign comes hot on the heels of Brisbane Animal Save activists protesting outside Swickers Bacon Factory.

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