Dubbed the prettiest girl in America is six-year-old beauty pageant competitor Eden Wood.
Dubbed the prettiest girl in America is six-year-old beauty pageant competitor Eden Wood.

Vanity unfair for Botox kids

Mars is Zane Jackson

We've all seen pushy stage mums and psycho sports dads before.

But the story last week about an American woman giving her eight-year-old daughter Botox was surely one to raise your eyebrows (if they're not pumped full of Botox that is).

This story shocked me and changed my perception on society's obsession with beauty.

Previously I thought the quest for good looks was already shocking enough when my wife spent more than $100 on beauty products in one hit.

I never realised how much these things could cost.

The big question everyone is asking of this American mum is why would an eight-year-old need Botox treatment?

What, was this kid chain smoking and shotting straight whiskey inside the womb?  How wrinkly can she be?

The mum claims the use of Botox in such young kids is commonplace in the beauty pageant scene.

Wow, did you hear that?

That sound is the alarm bells that are raised when someone mentions American beauty pageants.

Whatever happens, this poor Botox girl will eventually show the bearings of age on her face.

And I bet the majority of the strain lines and wrinkles that show on her face will come from the grimaces she will pull when thinking about the stupid actions of her mother.

Venus is Fallon Hudson

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the dumbest of them all?

Mothers who think it is all right to give an eight-year-old a shot of Botox right between the eyes, that's who.

Reading a recent article on an American woman who gave her beauty pageant contestant daughter Botox made my blood boil.

Then it made me think how stupid women are when it comes to vanity.

Fair enough the mother inflicts her own self-loathing on herself, but her daughter - that is just plain cruel.

And to be frank, children don't have wrinkles unless they are the curious case of Benjamin Button and I have a feeling that this little girl did not look like this.

Chances are she looked like a mini waxwork of her former seven-year-old self, without the joyous emotions of a child's face.

I thought women in their 20s were too young to even consider plastic surgery, but a child is just wrong on so many levels.

The young girl probably didn't even want Botox, let alone know what it was doing to her face.

Imagine the young girl's horror when she tried to smile and she couldn't.

Botox is not going to help her win beauty pageants but lose her self-belief and self-worth and that's a crime her mother should be ashamed of.

Mars and Venus is a weekly column by Fallon Hudson and Zane Jackson.

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