FIRE: Plastic flowers on grave sites were set on fire at the Bundaberg Cemetery.
FIRE: Plastic flowers on grave sites were set on fire at the Bundaberg Cemetery.

UPDATE: Graveyard arson investigated by police

UPDATE: Police are currently investigating multiple vandalism events at the Bundaberg Lawn Cemetery where floral displays on grave sites were set alight on Sunday night.

A Bundaberg Regional Council spokesman said desecration of grave sites in this manner was an event that showed immense disrespect for the sanctity of cemeteries as well as providing totally unnecessary emotional trauma to families associated with the grave sites involved.

"Fortunately there is no serious damage with a number of headstones scorched and plastic floral arrangements destroyed," the spokesman said.

"Scenes of Crime are investigating the incident and once they have given the all clear for council workers to access the scene the appropriate clean-up will proceed.

"Naturally a prime consideration for council will be to contact the next-of-kin in relation to the grave sites damage.

"It is an unfortunate fact that these mindless acts of vandalism really do seem to manifest themselves more regularly once school holidays arrive."


Police are investigating the grave site fire.
Police are investigating the grave site fire. Alistair Brightman


EARLIER: FIREFIGHTERS who were called to a blaze at Bundaberg Lawn Cemetery last night say they are "disappointed" and "disgusted" at the most recent fire-bug act.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Bundaberg station officer Jonathon Blackley said crews attended the small fire at the cemetery at about 10.30pm.

"Plastic flowers which were placed at grave sites had been lit up by unknown persons," Mr Blackley said.

"There were multiple flowers along graves in a row that had been lit, I would say about five or six."

Mr Blackley said by the time fire crews got to the scene, some of the flowers had been self-extinguished and strewn across the site.

He said the disrespectful act had left him shocked.

"I am very disappointed and disgusted that people could do such a thing," he said.

"It is dangerous and reckless as it is to light fires but to do it in a cemetery, it is just so disrespectful and disappointing."

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