Is this unique burial decision the start of something new?

Carrie Fisher's ashes were placed in an urn shaped as a Prozac pill.
Carrie Fisher's ashes were placed in an urn shaped as a Prozac pill.

A UNIQUE possession in actress Carrie Fisher's life became the focal point of her recent farewell, when her brother and daughter choose to present her ashes in an urn shaped as a Prozac pill.

Chosen by the family as her "favourite possession", it was a very public reminder of Ms Fisher's health challenges and her passion for eliminating the stigma around mental illness.


But is the decision the start of a new trend in celebrity, and other, farewells? Or is the trend for unique urns already well established?

American company Foreverence got into the unique urn market just two years ago, supplying personalised urns for some high-profiles clients. 

Their most recent job was supplying a 3D scale model of Prince's Paisley Park - the singer's home - and another to Scott Weiland's family, who commissioned an urn in the shape of a megaphone for the Stone Temple Pilots lead singer.

If you don't have a prized family possession to use, you can always turn to the funeral industry which is crowded with choices.

Here are some of the more interesting and unique choices:

  • You can use matching timbers to make both the coffin and urn.
  • Smaller keepsake urns which contain only a small amount of ashes.
  • Delicately engraved glass or crystal urns.
  • Tealight urns which hold a small amount of ashes below where a candle can be lit.
  • Biodegradable urns which are available in a range of detailed designs.
  • A glamorous 'diva' high heel placed on top of the box of ashes.
  • A 'huggable' teddy bear with an urn inside.
  • Customised sculptures with the ashes hidden inside.

In fact, almost any type of urn you can think up is available... for a price.

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