Melbourne artist Tash Sultana.
Melbourne artist Tash Sultana. Contributed

Unearthed J Award winner 2016 to play in Mullum tonight

MELBOURNE musician Tash Sultana was receiving her Unearthed J Award last night and tonight she is playing at the Mullumbimby High School.

It is hard to explain how quickly Tash Sultana's career has grown this year.

She went from busking in the streets of Melbourne to touring the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia this year, including two Byron Bay shows this year: last May and September.

Both gigs sold out in hours.

With very little publicity, but backed by flocks of fans who follow her on social media, Tash Sultana has proven once again that quality music, personal style and hard work pay off.

Tash Sultana's songs are built around loops and samples she creates herself, emulating a full-band experience to shape a personal sound.

Her current status as the next big thing is a long way from her troubled teenage years.

"I was a complete drug addict," she told SBS earlier this week.

"I really was a complete drug addict."

When she was 17 she developed drug-induced psychosis and it took months of therapy and supervision before she says she was able to get back to a good place.

Tickets for tonight are still available from the Mullum Music Festival website.

  • At the Mullumbimby High School stage tonight from 8.45pm.

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