Throwing punch at umpire due to bad call just not cricket

IT'S just not cricket to try to assault an umpire who may have made a bad call.

But when Anthony John Andrew punched-on beside the pitch with another player, he was left facing an umpire of a very different kind in Toowoomba Magistrates Court.

Police prosecutor Greg McIntyre said police called to a disturbance during a cricket match at Newtown Park on March 23 had found an agitated Andrew, 24, slumped against a toilet block near the oval.

"Asked what had happened, he said he was angry because he'd been playing cricket and thought the umpire made a bad call," Mr McIntyre told the court.

Witnesses told police Andrew had been drinking alcohol before the incident in which he had thrown a punch at the umpire, which missed, before punching a player who intervened, Mr McIntyre said.

Defence solicitor Brad Skuse explained the match wasn't under the Toowoomba Cricket Association banner, but was a "Last Man Standing" cricket competition run by a private franchise.

His client had entered a team in the competition and it was during one of the final matches that his client believed a lot of the umpiring decisions were going against his team.

When a team-mate was given out, Andrew had gone on to the field and argued with the umpire during which he swung one punch, which missed, Mr Skuse said.

It was then the competition organiser entered the fray and the pair traded blows on the field, he said.

His client admitted to having had some drinks earlier that day but he instructed he wasn't drunk, Mr Skuse submitted.

Andrew pleaded guilty to a charge of public nuisance.

Magistrate Bruce Schemioneck placed him on nine months probation and warned that this was an order with which he would have to comply.

Andrew intimated to the court that he would abide by this umpire's decision.

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