The Ultimate Warrior, real name Warrior, has died.
The Ultimate Warrior, real name Warrior, has died. WWE

Ultimate Warrior's wife says fans have given her 'strength'

THE Ultimate Warrior's wife Dana Warrior has thanked her late husband's fans for the "strength" they have given her with their tributes and messages of condolence since the wrestling legend's shock death on April 8.

Dana Warrior has made an online post expressing her gratitude for the countless messages of support and condolence she has received from admirers of the legendary WWE wrestler since he passed away from a heart attack caused by cardiovascular disease on April 8 aged 54.

The post, entitled "A heartfelt message from Ultimate Warrior's wife, Dana Warrior", on read: "To all the ULTIMATE WARRIOR fans: THANK YOU!! He told me when he shook the ropes it was him gathering strength from each of you. Warrior respected you and loved you as do the girls and I. I will reach out to the ropes for your strength to sustain me in the sad days that the girls and I face. UNWAVERING is what you've been. GRATEFUL is what we are. (sic)"

Dana also spoke of the "ultimate love" she and her spouse shared throughout their 15-year marriage and described the former WWE Champion as the "ultimate dad" to their two daughters Indiana and Mattigan.

She revealed: "I had the ULTIMATE love for 20 years and my children learned to be Warriors from THE ULTIMATE DAD. I wouldn't trade a moment of the life we shared, good or bad, for anything on God's green earth. He is the love of my life and gave me the gift of our beautiful, sweet, amazing girls. He was loyal and kind and strong and brave. He taught me to live by his creed, "Live Strong, Act Bold, Be Brave. Nothing's too hard to do, ALWAYS BELIEVE," and with that creed I will carry on and make him proud. (sic)"

Dana also thanked the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for everything they have done for her and her children since her husband died.

She wrote: "I was told it was reported WWE was "there" for us. "There" is the understatement of a lifetime. They were a warm blanket to us three and we were quickly absorbed into their family. Words are cheap; promises are forever. This family is one I'm honoured to be a member of. (sic)"

Before his passing, The Ultimate Warrior - who was born James Hellwig but legally changed his name to Warrior - had made his return to WWE television after an 18-year absence when he was inducted into the company's Hall of Fame on April 5.

He then appeared at 'WrestleMania XXX' on April 6 at the Superdome in New Orleans and on TV show 'RAW' the following night (07.04.14).

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