Michelle Brown at Toowoomba's Sizzler Restaurant
Michelle Brown at Toowoomba's Sizzler Restaurant The Chronicle

Not the end of Sizzler: 'We have the real cheese toast'

AN ENORMOUS outpouring of concern following reports that the legendary all-you-can-eat salad bars of Sizzler could be on the endangered list have been dismissed by the company.

Some stores will shut down, but otherwise the cheesey toast will continue to be dished up across the country.

It follows an announcement by Sizzler owners Collins Foods that it would shut a small number of restaurants and closely monitor the others.

Accept no imitations, says Sizzler, only we have the real cheese toast.
Accept no imitations, says Sizzler, only we have the real cheese toast.

A spokeswoman for Sizzler said the company has been overwhelmed by the support for the beloved brand in the past 24 hours since the news broke.

"Please be assured this is not the end of Sizzler," she said.

"Yesterday the Board announced that a small number of our 25 stores will close over the coming financial year.

"We will keep our customers up to date with details of affected stores and timings as they are available."

The spokeswoman would not confirm or deny the legitimacy of online recipes instructing customers how to make their own cheesy toast.

"It is business as usual in all Sizzler restaurants - which is where you find the only real Sizzler cheese toast."


Uh oh! Could this be the end of Sizzler?

COULD this be the end of the all-you-can-eat salad and dessert bar?

Collins Foods, which owns Sizzler Australia, is warning that Sizzler restaurants are no longer key to to its growth plans and some of its 26 stores will be shut down.

Sizzler has been forced to write off about $37.5 million.

Collins will instead focus on its KFC restaurants and its new fast food venue: Snag Stand.

Those left open will be "closely monitored" according to the Collins' financial report, "with appropriate action taken as and when necessary".

No money will be plumbed into the Australian restaurants for growth.

Sizzler has restaurants across the country, including in Queensland towns of Mackay, Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Toowoomba

Sizzlers operating in Asia will escape the crackdown, with Collins planning to build two new restaurants in Thailand.

China is also expected to be given some new outlets.


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