THEY have been called a "modern-day Zaccheus". But the miracle is that the kids who climbed on to shadecloth over a skate park to watch the Coolum Christmas Carols weren't hurt.

The two, one who looked about 16 and the other younger than 10, were filmed moving around on top of the shade cloth while the event was being set up.

The photographer, who asked to remain anonymous, said he saw the children as he was standing up high, preparing to film the carols.

A YouTube clip, titled "Modern Day Zacchaeus Gets Risky Seat to watch Carols", has been created and shared online.

The photographer said he had been "horrified" to see the kids there and relieved they managed to get down.

"It was very dangerous and very foolish behaviour," he said. "But it did remind me of (the biblical character) Zaccheus, who climbed a sycamore tree and ended up having Jesus over for dinner."

Police were unaware of the dangerous activity.

Kidsafe CEO Susan Teerds said governments had a responsibility to protect children from this kind of behaviour.

"When there is a park with structures for children, such as shade structures, you have to expect children to climb them," Ms Teerds said.

"You either have to make it so children can't, or you need to have a soft floor under it.

"Some children will climb anything. In a playground, it is a standard requirement that you expect them to misuse the playground.

"Skate parks are used by all ages. You have to make the structures safe."

A Sunshine Coast Council spokeswoman said the council took "community safety seriously and ensures public infrastructure meets the applicable safety standards".

Skate parks did not require the same softfall surfacing as playgrounds under Australian Standards.

"However, it is imperative individuals and carers take some responsibility for their own safety and that of children," the spokeswoman said.

"Council encourages anyone witnessing acts of vandalism or dangerous behaviour to contact police."

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