Tweed repeat offender fined for stocking unsafe toys

NSW Fair Trading a trying to stop the sale of illegal and unsafe toys in Tweed.

This week they charged repeat offender Mysterious Investments Pty Ltd and fined them $3175.

Mysterious Investments Pty Ltd trade under the name Super Saver Variety Stores and FDBs in Tweed Heads.

"It was reprehensible that this store has again failed to comply with product safety standards for children's toys," a NSW Fair Trading spokeswoman said.

"The risks to children are significant, dangerous toys can kill."

Five toys including a musical instrument piano, play set bow and arrow, wooden rattle ruck, wooden cow rattle and a liquid filled yoyo ball, were all found to be a hazard.

"We encourage anyone who has purchased toys from this store to return them for a full refund and extend yet another warning to this store not to put children's lives at risk by selling dangerous toys," the spokeswoman said.

NSW Fair Trading commissioner Rod Stowe has put discount retailers on notice as of yesterday and said to expect a number of inspections pre-Christmas in a product safety blitz across the state.

He said more than $100,000 in riles and costs had been handed out by the courts to 17 discount retailers.

"This is completely unacceptable particularly given 15 have been fined before by Fair Trading and six have previously been prosecuted in court," he said.

"It's not good enough for traders to say they are not aware of, or do not understand, the Australian Consumers Law that mandates all toys meet stringent Australian safety standards."

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