400m-long nets in small rivers under commercial fishing plan

WE'VE seen this week what people power can do when it comes to halting CSG lunacy and now it's important to turn our attention to preventing the fish in our small waterways from succumbing to commercial exploitation.

Under the commercial fishery restructuring scheme, there's a strong push to get nets up to 400m long, fish traps, crab traps and more into waterways like the Evans River and Jerusalem Creek.

The Richmond isn't safe either, with plans for pocket nets and fish traps and more commercial effort as the industry is restructured and 'dormant' commercial effort is sold off and reactivated.

Call your local State Members, Don Page, Thomas George and Chris Gulaptis, now and tell him you won't stand for destruction of precious waterways.

Visit the NSW Fisheries website commercial section and download and lodge a public submission form before the extended dead-line of May 30.

High pressure system sending us choppy seas, swell and showers

LOOKS like more onshore weather on its way, as that high-pressure system stays well to the south of us.

That means choppy seas, short-period easterly swell and showers as the wind blows across the warm ocean.

The current now appears to be waning a little, with a cool-core eddy forming wide of the Tweed, so it mightn't be long before it begins to flow uphill for the winter.

In the meantime, we still have ocean and estuary temps in the low 20s and that wonderful crossover of tropical and temperate species that this region is famous for.

Nobody has been able to get at them this week but tuna and mackerel have been seen terrorising baitfish tantalisingly close to shore.

Brett at Ballina Bait and Tackle says there have been some school jew around the breakwalls as well as a few larger ones, and the lower estuary also has some fish.

Tailor have been available from the sheltered rocks but the wind and swell have closed out some of the best spots and many beach sites.

Bream have been wary, as they almost invariably are at the brightest part of the moon, but we can expect an improvement next week.

Flathead remain in fair numbers from Pimlico to Broadwater ,with a few in Emigrant Creek as well.

The crabbers will do best in the dark on the run up to the big high tide but it's getting to be pretty late at night.

Luderick are now firmly established in their usual haunts.

The big issue

HAVING been in the fishing publishing game for a decade or more, I've heard plenty of arguments about what is the biggest-selling fishing publication in the country.

I've also seen a couple of industry heavyweights chesting up to each other like bull elephant seals as they blustered about whose rag was the biggest.

It was simple to put these two back in their places by telling them the plain truth - both mags' sales were dwarfed by the MO Tackle catalogue, which sells in dizzying numbers from Byron to Broome and Wilsons Prom to Weipa.

This mail-order bible now comes in a new annual format, featuring more than 300 pages crammed with rods, reels, line, hooks, lures, accessories, camping and heaps more.

Don't get me wrong, this is no free plug.

You don't have to order from this tome to find it useful; it's just a good snapshot of what's out there and there's a strong chance you'll find much of the good stuff in your local tackle store if you care to hunt for it, or they could get it in for you at a fair price.

Truth about where you grew up

Truth about where you grew up

Research has revealed just how big an effect your suburb can have.

Extra demerits for using phones while driving

Extra demerits for using phones while driving

Drivers using phones illegally will get an extra demerit point.

Wildcats win on penalties

Wildcats win on penalties

Byron Bay wins grand final shootout.

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