Find out if you REALLY know Byron Bay.
Find out if you REALLY know Byron Bay. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Try this ultimate Byron Bay quiz, we dare you

TIME to gather the family around the glowing embers of the Byron Shire News Bumper Christmas Quiz.

1. Which one of these will be the fastest growing area of employment in Byron next year?

a. Parking inspectors

b. Masterplan masterplanners to plan all the masterplanning that is being planned.

c. Life coaching de-programmer.

2. Which one of these is not a "thing'' in the Byron Shire?

a. Masterplan masterplanning

b. Activated water

c. Hubcappuccino - a cappuccino served in a vintage Kombi van hub cap

d. None. All of these things will be a "thing'' soon.

3. How many houses will be built at West Byron?

a. Zero

b. Nobody really knows

c. As many as humanly possible

4. How many houses in Byron are on Air BnB?

a. Most of them

b. All of them

c. Not mine.

5. True or false? It will be quicker to wait for the invention of a Star Trek-style matter transfer beam than wait for the Byron Bypass to be built. And it will be cheaper.

6. What short phrase should be added to the "Welcome to Byron'' sign to follow "Cheer up, Slow down and Chill out''?

a. It's over, you missed it

b. Rich people only

c. Go away

d. Home of pop-up beach weddings between two sticks

d. So blessed (automatic disqualification).

7. True or false? A butterfly's life span is longer than the life span of a dress purchased in Byron Bay.

8. Which overused term should be banned in Byron Shire?

a. Activated spaces

b. Activated nuts

c. Passive surveillance

d. Blessed

e. My/your/our journey when not used in reference to travelling (Note: astral travelling does not count).

9. Which one of these is not a real religion?

a. Ghostafarian

b. Jehovah's vegan

c. Paleotologist

d. Developer

e. None. They are all real religions in Byron Bay.

10. The Byron markets are moving to:

a. Simon Richardson's front yard

b. One of those spooky post-industrial wasteland blocks beside the M1 at Ballina

c. Julian Rocks

d. The Gold Coast.

SCORE: There are no wrong answers or scores, so everyone gets a non-judgemental set of self-assessment guidelines. Have a responsible, happy, inclusive, gender and carbon neutral time-off-work thingy.

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WAVE RAVE: Mono out for a hat trick of wins

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