The Truth About Love (and sex) according to Pink

Pink on her 'Truth About Love' tour.
Pink on her 'Truth About Love' tour. Bang Showbiz

PINK had a secret romance with N'Sync star Joey Fatone.

The 33-year-old star - who has a 23-month-old daughter, Willow, with her husband of seven years Carey Hart - says she is a "reformed slut" and previously dated the 'Bye Bye Bye' singer, 36, in 2000 after she supported the boy band on their North American 'No Strings Attached' tour.

She told the June issue of Glamour magazine: "Joey Fatone was in love with me. He took me to Friendly's on a date and he bought me an ice cream. Such a sweetheart. He asked my dad's permission!"

But the 'Just Give Me A Reason' singer revealed that she preferred being single than being in a relationship when she was younger and it helped her write her new album, 'The Truth About Love'.

She said: "I'm a reformed slut," explaining that she uses the word to make it less meaningful.

She added: "It's my very unsophisticated way of taking the power back. I've always had an issue with [the notion that], 'OK, we've both decided to do this. Why am I a slut and you're the player? You didn't get anything from me that I didn't get from you.'"

Pink admitted that her marriage, which went through a rough patch that saw she and her husband split up and reunite in early 2010, still takes work.

She credits communication with making heir union work, though she says their relationship isn't always harmonious.

She said: "Are things ever good? I don't believe that exists. Long-term relationships are an everyday choice. It's harder to be in a marriage than it is to bounce from one relationship to the next.

"We're good because we communicate and we've grown up together, not because we don't fight."

While Pink loves being a mother, she can't help but worry about her active little girl following a terrifying accident which the singer describes as the "worst day" of her life.

She recalled to the new issue of America's Glamour magazine: "Willow and I were at the pool, and I was taking her to nap time. She was walking just a foot in front of me. And she trips and falls and gets a concussion.

"She passed out. Cut to an ambulance and fire truck. And a CAT scan. She was about a year old.

"That was the worst day of my life. And what do they say? 'Kids fall.' Welcome to parenthood, I thought. I can't handle this. I'm fitting her for a bubble."

"Every time she bounced on the bed, I see stitches. Being a parent is a Jedi mind f**k. It's also the raddest thing ever."

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