Bunya Mountains, Queensland.
Bunya Mountains, Queensland. Jenny Munro

Man naked, screaming after taking acid at Bunya Mtns

A MAN who was "yelling and screaming" naked in the middle of the road after taking LSD in the Bunya Mountains faced Nanango Magistrates Court for a string of offences.

Liam Victor Trost, 22, pleaded guilty to charges of public nuisance, possession of dangerous drugs and wilful damage of police property after a drug-fuelled episode while on holiday with his girlfriend.

Police prosecutor Wayne Bushell said police were called when Trost became "increasingly erratic, stripped off all his clothes and ran into the street".

"He was naked and talking to himself," Sgt Bushell said. The court heard Trost and his girlfriend took LSD before police found them but "he took more than she did".

Sgt Bushell said when police arrested Trost, he kicked out the police car's window, causing it to smash. Defence solicitor Mark Werner said Trost made a bad decision to take drugs and "obviously had a very bad reaction".

Mr Werner said his client did not remember much of the night and was humiliated.

"He's very embarrassed and regretful over this incident," Mr Werner said.

"For someone who's never had any problems with the law before, he's humiliated."

Mr Werner said Trost expressed "serious remorse" and wanted to apologise to police.

Magistrate Barry Barrett said Trost's plea of guilty showed remorse but warned him to steer clear of drugs.

"If you take nothing else away from today, you should be quite worried about your behaviour on drugs," Mr Barrett said.

"It is quite bizarre."

Mr Barrett told Trost it was apparent "drugs and yourself don't mix".

"They're illegal, so they shouldn't mix anyway," he said.

Trost was fined $900 and ordered to pay $340 compensation for the damage he did to the police vehicle. No conviction was recorded.

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