Full moon as seen from Miriam Vale at Christmas in 2015,
Full moon as seen from Miriam Vale at Christmas in 2015,

Tonight's full moon marks changes to come

IF you have felt like things have been tough or negative for a number of months, there is good news on the sunset horizon.

Astrologers across the country have been talking about the 'out with the old, in with the new' energy that is set to be released tonight with the full moon.

Ally Cantwell of Indigo Healing NQ said this energy has been bubbling below the surface for many of us since March, perhaps right back to last year. Only to see signposts of change and growth make themselves known in June/July.

"We're releasing the last of the 'old' this month," she said.

"September is potent for the realisation of dreams and desires we've held for so long."

Another astrology this morning posted on Facebook:

"It's the cosmic moment we have been building towards since June, when the rare planetary Grand Cross triggered worldwide shifts," Elizabeth Peru said.

"Over the next 24 hours we experience a Full Moon and a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the first of three eclipses over the next six weeks.

"This is a huge energy period for the planet.

"You could feel like you are being squeezed through a pinhole, for indeed we are all being cosmically drawn to the threshold of 'The Eclipse Doorway'.

"As I've said in this week's Tip-Off Forecast... "You have been planning for this new life path since early August and now the journey begins. Each day over the next two weeks until the New Moon and Solar Eclipse will feel..."

Kate Jones, who writes for Elephant Journal blog website, said during this past year, we've become easily preoccupied by all of the shiny and sparkly aspects in our lives. They have distracted us from our true journey-it was comfortable to only go skin deep.

"There are times when we aren't ready for the truth, when it's easier to believe what we see rather than what we feel," she wrote.

"Regardless of those times, we are entering into a time when nothing will do but the truth.

"Each Full Moon, we are our choices. It's a chance to let go of situations or people that we have outgrown. We also are under a greater amount of lunar energy which may bring to light any lingering issues or truths that we have previously ignored-when there is an eclipse involved, all of this is magnified.

"Be prepared for some big realizations around this Full Moon.

"This isn't the ignorance of self but rather situations where we really had no idea what was going on until we decided to venture inside, without needing our fear to keep us company.

"Think of it as entering a darkened house and suddenly turning on the light and realizing you are somewhere much better than you thought you'd be.

"We've felt it brewing for a while now, and while we are always in control of our own destiny, sometimes the stars align to assist us on our journey.

"And regardless of what obstacles occur on our journey we are being lead toward exactly where we are meant to be.

"Regardless of the epiphanies that occur during this lunation, it's only the beginning for many of us. While this is a partial lunar eclipse, next month we will have a full lunar and solar eclipse-so just in case there is anything you're trying to pretend isn't over, it will be impossible to ignore the next few weeks.

"We are done fighting for a life that we thought we needed, because now we are ready to sit back and enjoy the life that we are meant to lead.

"Sometimes we just need to take the long road to get there, yet it doesn't matter when we arrive, but only that we do." Read Kate's full blog here: Elephant Journal blog about August full moon

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