Toddler may have started fire that destroyed family home

A NEAR fatal childhood game with a lighter and pile of clothes is believed to have caused a fire which destroyed a home on the NSW mid north coast at the weekend.after

A father and his three children were forced to evacuate their home when a fire broke out in a bedroom late Saturday.

The 36-year-old man told police his four-year-old son had been playing in his room before the fire started.

Police believe the pre-schooler may have been playing with a cigarette lighter.

No one was hurt but the three-bedroom home was destroyed.

Mid North Coast Crime Manager, Detective Inspector Kim Fehon said the incident could have "easily been a greater tragedy" and warned parents to keep flammables away from young children.

It's essential that matches, lighters or BBQ fire-starters should be kept securely out-of-reach of children at all times," Det Insp Fehon said.

"We would also strongly recommend parents explain the danger of fire to older children, especially following the reports of children being responsible for several fires across the State in past weeks."

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Federal Landcare group established

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